Studio Altay Lik Gallery have been working since 1997.Art director, writer, ecologist Ganova Ludmila
We are modern artists - studio Altay Lik Gallery. Ket Gun, Tsurikov Iliya, Ganova Ludmila.
We are working in undeground's forms, make photographs, write and paint watercolors and painting.

It is contemporary different world in his manner and expression.
We are opens a new abstract forms and express our inner reality, how we understand
surrounding world and our life which exist in our abstract watercolors.
It is a flying of fantasy, we are call it “irrealite expressed thought”.It is a strongest
way which express all exist reality.
We are talk about reality which try to destroy all of us (bluntness,monotonous,poverty,
blind alley situations.
We are looking for and create absolute new exits from this world –

Reality of killing and maim…
Altay Lik Gallery projects

Студия Altay Lik Gallery основана в 1997 году. Арт-директор  – писатель, эколог Ганова Людмила.

Мы современные художники студии Altay Lik Gallery. Ket Gun, Илья Цуриков и Ганова Людмила.
Мы работаем в формах андеграунда, занимаемся фотографией и живописью . . .
Это мир современного искусства в способах его выражения . . .Очень сложный мир поиска . . .
Современной формы и её видения и понимания . . .

Altay Lik Gallery проекты

Altay Lik Gallery team

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